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PIUSI Electric Drum & Barrel Pump

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24 / 01 / 2022
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Detail PIUSI Electric Drum & Barrel Pump

PIUSI Electric Drump & Barrel Pump.

Descriptions :
Drum is a transfer unit for Diesel fuel, which can be connected directly to the Drum.

Where it is necessary to transfe fuel from one tank to another, PIUSI fuel dispensing units come into play. The name Drum was actually created to meet the needs of users who need to transfer diesel from a small tank.

The Drum diesel and dispenser is suitable for the delicate transfer of filtered fuels in the agriculture, marine, automotive and constructions sectors.

Tehnical Data.
- 000271P00 Drum 56
- 000272P00 Drum 56 K33
- 000273P00 Drum 56 A60
- 000274P00 Drum 56 K33 A60
- F0022201A Drum BIPUMP 12V
- F0022202A Drum BIPUMP 24V
- F0022203A Drum BIPUMP 12V A120
- F0022204A Drum BIPUMP 24V A120
- F0022205A Drum BIPUMP 12V K33
- F0022206A Drum BIPUMP 24V K33
- F0022207A Drum BIPUMP 12V K33 A120
- F0022208A Drum BIPUMP 24V K33 A120
- F0034111C Drum Panther DC 24/12V K33 A60
- Made in Italy
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