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Danfoss 48-DC & 48-F Filter Drier Core

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22 / 02 / 2022
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Detail Danfoss 48-DC & 48-F Filter Drier Core

Danfoss 48-DC & 48-F Filter Drier Core.

Danfoss Filter Drier Core protect refrigration , freezing and air conditioning systems from moisture, acids and solid particles.

DCR exchangeable core inserts type 48-DM, 48-DC, 48-DA, 48-H & 48-F. DCR Filter Driers are for use in liquid and suction lines in refrigeration plants with fluorinated refrigerant.

Other model 7 Specifications.
- Danfoss 48-DM Filter Drier Core.
- Danfoss 48-DC Filter Drier Core
- Danfoss 48-DA Filter Drier Core
- Danfoss 48-H Filter Drier Core
- Danfoss 48-F Filter Drier Core.
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