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Manual Winch MAXPULL

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14 / 01 / 2022
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Detail Manual Winch MAXPULL

Manual Winch Maxpull.

Description :
- Easy of operation
If you compare our Product with others, the handle force during operation is very small and work is easy because of itshigh-level mechanical efficiency. This is Winch is light and very convenient to carry for the compact design.

- Outstanding durability
Ball bearings only from leading manufactures are used for all bearings, The bearings allows smooth lifting and offers outstanding resistance againts wear.

- Reliable Safety
Carefully selected materials as well as advanced design and tehnology provide the extremely high safety. We have enhanced the strength of the portions where load is intensively applied by combining a precision press-processing rib or double plat.

Model :
1. MAXPULL GM-1-SI Manual Winch.
2. MAXPULL GM-3-SI Manual Winch
3. MAXPULL GM-5-SI Manual Winch
4. MAXPULL GM-10-SI Manual Winch
5. MAXPULL GM-20-SI Manual Winch
6. MAXPULL GM-30-SI Manual Winch
7. MAXPULL MR-1-SI Manual Winch
8. MAXPULL MR-3-SI Manual Winch
9. MAXPULL MR-5-SI Manual Winch
10. MAXPULL MR-10-SI Manual Winch
11. MAXPULL MR-20-SI Manual Winch
12. MAXPULL MR-30-SI Manual Winch
13. MAXPULL GM-1-GS-SI Manual Winch
14. MAXPULL GM-5-GS-SI Manual Winch
15. MAXPULL GM-10-GS-SI Manual Winch
16. MAXPULL GM-20-GS-SI Manual Winch
17. MAXPULL GM-30-GS-SI Manual Winch
18. MAXPULL ESB-1-SI Manual Winch
19. MAXPULL ESB-3-SI Manual Winch
20. MAXPULL ESB-5-SI Manual Winch
21. MAXPULL ESB-10-SI Manual Winch
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