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Wika LGG Glass Level Gauge

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30 / 01 / 2022
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Detail Wika LGG Glass Level Gauge

Wika LGG Glass Level Gauge.

Descriptions :
The main element of the Glass Level Gauge is the body. Incorporated into this gauge body are the liquid channel(if necessary the heating channel) and the seating faces for the chambered seals and sight glases.

- Continuous level Indicating without supply voltage.
- Direct indication of the level.
- Individual design and corrosive-resistandmaterials make the products suitable for a broad range of application.
- Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Oil & Natural Gas extraction (on-and ofshore), shipbuilding. machine building, power generating equipment, power plants.
- Oil & Gas.etc.
Specification :
1. Wika LGG-RP Glass Level Gauge.
2. Wika LGG-E Glass Level Gauge.
3. Wika LGG-TE Glass Level Gauge
4. Wika LGG-RI Glass Level Gauge.
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