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SATAM ZCM 17 Master Flow Meter.

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18 / 02 / 2022
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Detail SATAM ZCM 17 Master Flow Meter.

SATAM ZCM 17 Master Flow Meter.

The SATAM ZCM 17 Mater Meter Product range is dedicated to periodic calibration of custody transfer measuring equipment.
The ZCM 17 is a working standard that can be used regularly to check and calibrate measuring instruments or measuring systems. With minimal dimension, it can easily be moved to several different sites without the rquirement for lifting tools. Equipped with and Equalis electronic register that ensures linearization of measurements, it can be used with liquidsof various viscosities without no loss off accuracy.

1. SATAM Master Meter ZCM17-24 Size : 2in
2. SATAM Master Meter ZCM17-48 Size : 2in
3. SATAM Master Meter ZCM17-80 Size : 3in
4. SATAM Master Meter ZCM17-150 Size : 4in etc.
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