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SATAM ZC17 Positive Displacement Flow Meter

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18 / 02 / 2022
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Detail SATAM ZC17 Positive Displacement Flow Meter

SATAM ZC17 Positive Displacement Flow Meter.

The SATAM (PD) Positive Displacement meter is system with freely-moving blades used to measure white petroleum products such as fuels, bio-fuels and defined liquid hydrocarbons. Its simple design using only two pairs of blades and one moving rotor means satam PD meter IS exceptionally robust and also generates significant savings on maintenance costs as the meter boasts outstanding metering accuracy and stability.

- Volume accuracy : < 0,15 % / option < 0.10 %
- Repeatability : < 0,02 %
1. SATAM ZC17-12 Size : DN50
2. SATAM ZC17-24 Size : DN50
3. SATAM ZC17-48 Size : DN50
4. SATAM ZC17-80 Size : DN80
5. SATAM ZC17-150 Size : DN100 dll.
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