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PIUSI Fuel Pump Transfer Battery Kit.

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24 / 01 / 2022
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Detail PIUSI Fuel Pump Transfer Battery Kit.

PIUSI Fuel Pump Transfer Battery Kit.

Descriptions :
PIUSI Fuel Pump Transfer Battery Kit is a Portable diesel transfer Kit. The diesel dispenser is equipped with a self-priming electric vane pump with a 12 or 24 V DC motor.

Battery Kit is suitable for all those condition in which the user has to transfer and dispense diesel in safe condition, when, for example, only a battery power supply is available. The Battery Kit diesel dispenser has been designed to ensure a reliable and safe diesel transfer and dispensing in situations where the operation of refueling earthmoving machinery is complex.

Tehnical data :
Battery KIT 3000
- F0022500C Battery Kit 3000/12V
- F00225410 Battery Kit 3000/12V BO 3/4"SELF2000 1"F
- F0022600C Battery Kit 3000/24V
- F00226380 Battery Kit 3000/24V BO 3/4"SELF2000 1'F
- F0034003B Battery Kit Panther DC12V
- F0034006B Panther DC 12V+Cable 6Mt+Hose 5Mt+SELF
- F0034103C Battery Kit Panther DC 24/12V
- F0034106C Panther DC 24/12V+C/6Mt+Turbo 5Mt+SELF
- F00341220 Panther DC 24/12V+Park 1" x20 5Mt+A60
Battery Kit Viscomat
- F00309060 Battery Kit Viscomat 60/2 12V
- F00310070 Battery Kit Viscomat 60/2 24V
Battery Kit BIPUMP
- F00363280 Battery Kit BIPUMP 12V w/A120 & Cable 4Mt.
Made in Italy.

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