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Abicor Binzel Gun Welding And Cutting Equipment

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11 / 02 / 2022
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Detail Abicor Binzel Gun Welding And Cutting Equipment

Abicor Binzel Gun Welding & Cutting Equipment.

ABICOR BINZEL Suplies for all working materials and applications the exact welding or cutting torch necessary. For the manual use or for the semi or full automatic operation. Air or Liquid cooled. wide range welding accesories as well as robotic peripheral systems.

Model :

- Abicor Binzel KD 24
- Abicor Binzel KD 36
- Mig Gun Welding Abimig 350
- Mig Gun Welding Abimig 450
- Tig Torch Abicor Binzel Sr-16V
- Tig Torch Abicor Binzel Sr-17V
- Tig Torch Abicor Binzel Sr-18 Water Cooled

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