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Mesin Las Lincoln INVERTEC CC400-TP.

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20 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Mesin Las Lincoln INVERTEC CC400-TP.

Mesin Las Lincoln Invertec CC400-TP.

The INVERTEC CC400-TP is designed and manufactured with the lates digital IGBT technology. This machine has superior are performance and may be operated in hars environments due to its robust outer Casing.

Specifikasi :
Model Mame : INVERTEC CC400-TP.
Model : Stick & Tig
Voltage : 380V 3Phase.
Power MMA(Stick) : 10-400A
Power Tig : 5-400A
Duty Cycle : 60%
Power Input : 17Kw
Diemnsion : 480x350x730mm
Net Weight : 34Kg.
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