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Kawat Las CO2 Flux Cored Wire Kiswel K-308LT

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14 / 01 / 2022
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Detail Kawat Las CO2 Flux Cored Wire Kiswel K-308LT

Kawat Las CO2 Flux Corted Wire Kiswel K-308LT / Kiswel Flux Cored Welding Wire K-308LT.

Features :
- K-308LT is designed for MAG Welding of 18% Cr-8%Ni austenitic STS(AISI 304 304L,304LN, ASTM A157 Gr. C9; A320 Gr. B8C or D)
- The weld material contains optimum ferrite contents in their austenitic structures. Threfore their weldability exellent with lower crack susceptibility .
- It has easy slag removal, low spater generation and good weld soundness of weld metal.

Specification :
- Size Wire : 1.2mm ~ 1.6mm
- Standard AWS :
a. AWS A5.22 - E308LT-1/4
b. JIZ Z3323 - TS308-FB1
c. KS D3612 - YF-308LC
d. EN ISO 17633-A - T 19 9 L P C (M) 1
e. EN ISO 17633-B - TS308L-FB1
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