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Itron Flostar Water Meter 80mm.

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28 / 01 / 2022
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Detail Itron Flostar Water Meter 80mm.

Itron Flostar Water Meter 80mm (3").

Features :
- Very wide dynamic range, MID ,approved up to R630
- Low Flow accuracy
- Peak Flow Capacity
- Hermetically sealed register (IP68), Orientable 360
- Mobile to Flange to ease of installation and resizing.
- Body material in compliance with the new European drinking water requerement (4MS Approach)
- Flostar M is not effected by flow disturbances generated by the most commonly seen hydraulic disturbers when they are placed directly upstream of the meter.

Specification :
- Model Name : Itron Flostar Water Meter.
- Size : 80mm (3")
- Type : Flostar.
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