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Koike Welding And Cutting Equipment

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25 / 02 / 2022
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Detail Koike Welding And Cutting Equipment

Koike Welding and Cutting Equipment.

The extensive line of Koike Equipment includes CNC Oxy-Fuel profile cutters, CNC Plasma Cutting systems, CO2 Precision laser, Waterjet cutting machine, Welding positioner, Portable Cutting and Welding carriage along with automated welding systems: Positioners, girth welders , head and tailstock and welding manipulators.
Model & Specifications.
1. Koike IK-12 Beetle & Max3 Machine
2. Koike Beaver Gas Cutting Machine
3. Koike IK-54D Shape Gas Cutting Machine.
4. Koike Picle-1 Pipe Gas Cutting Machine.
5. Koike Gas Cutting Torch.
6. Koike Cutting Torch
7. Koike Handy Auto Gas Cutting Machine
8. Koike IK-93 HAWK Gas Cutting Machine.

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