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Filter Air Cim-Tek

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11 / 02 / 2022
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Detail Filter Air Cim-Tek

Filter Air Cim-Tek.

Cim-Tek Filtration is the wordl-wide leader in filter technology for the petroleum, Industrial, agricultural, bio-fuel and HVAC Markets. Filter Cim-Tek are designed for gasoline, diesel, bio-fuels (biodiesel & ethanol), fuel oil, hydraulic 7 industrial fluids, gear oils and most synthetic fluids. For particulate and water removal. Cim-Tek filtrations offers your best choice of options. Private labeling is available for short-runs we will work with you to develop filters for you special application.

Model & Specifications.
1. Cim-Tek 40001 Housing Centurion
2. Cim-Tek 40013 Housing Centurion
3. Cim-Tek 40020 Housing Centurion
4. Cim-Tek 40189 Viking Housing 2F
5. Cim-Tek 40190 Viking Housing 3F
6. Cim-Tek 40191 Viking Housing 4F
7. Cim-Tek 70016 Dispenser Filter.

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