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CORKEN CP-Model Sliding Vane Pump

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12 / 02 / 2022
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Detail CORKEN CP-Model Sliding Vane Pump

CORKEN CP-Model Sliding Vane Pump.

CORKEN Model DP Sling Vane Pumps are designed for a maximum working pressure of 200 PSI. The sliding Vane designhas self adjusting vanes that maintain a consistent level of pumping efficiency throughout the life of the pump. They have adjustable internal relief valve and a wide range of mechanical sealing options.
The Models CP is ideal for petroleum products with low vapor presures such as petroleum based oils, fuel oils, lube oils and thin liquids such as alcohols and solvents.

- Size : 2" , 2,5" , 3" & 4".
- Flow Rate : Up to 400 GPM (1.514 L/min)
- Working Pressure : Up to 200 PSI
- Differential Pressure : Up to 125 PSI (Exception 4" is limited to 100 psi)
- Temperature Range : 25 to 225`F
- Viscosity : Up to 20.000 SSU.
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