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Chain Hoist Nitchi MH-5

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25 / 06 / 2022
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Detail Chain Hoist Nitchi MH-5

Chain Hoist Nitchi MH-5

Descriptions :
Designed to offer high Quality and superb safety features, The MH-5 Series can be used with Various optional items, including and overload protection unit a radio unit , and inverter.

Features :
The Heavy-Duty MH-5 Can be used in various work environments. A wide arrary of optional items is available for the MH-5, including an overload protection unit, rustproof chains, a radio unit, and an inverter.

Specification :
Model Unit :
1. MH5005 1/2 Ton
2. MH5010 1 Ton
3. MH5020 2 Ton
4. MH5030 3 Ton
5. MH5050 4 Ton
6. MH5075 7.5 Ton
7. MH5100S 10 Ton
- Made in Japan
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