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Pressure Sensor Ashcroft.

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25 / 08 / 2022
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Detail Pressure Sensor Ashcroft.

Pressure Sensor Ashcroft.

Ashcroft Pressure Sensors, Tranducer and Transmitters are designed to meet hars installations demandsfor low or high temperatures, high sochk and Vibration. Our sensor include a wide selection of models HVAC/R, Food Industry, pharmaceutical, off road vehicles hydraulic & pneumatic and the semiconductor Industry. Together yhey measure range from 0-0,01 in. H2O to 72000 psi and accuracies from 0,25% to 2.00% of span. A Selection of electrical terminations, proces connections analog outputs providea custom fit for nearly any application.

Model & Specifications:
1. Ashcroft E2X & E2F Explosion Proof Pressure Transducer.
2. Ashcroft E2S Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducer.
3. Ashcroft A2X Explosion/Flame Proof Pressure Tranbsducer
4. Ashcroft DXLdp Deifferential Pressure Transmitter
5. Ashcroft K1 Pressure Transducer
6. Ashcroft SL17 Submersible Pressure Transmitter
7. Ashcroft K8 Pressure Transducer
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