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Air Valve Lapper NPA VR-1

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25 / 05 / 2022
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Detail Air Valve Lapper NPA VR-1

Air Valve Lapper NPA VR-1.

The air valve lapper improves efficiency in lapping of valves by the use of air pressure of a compressor. Since required up-and-down motion is given by adjusting air pressure, this lapper can be used extensively for a smaller valve to a a larger valve.

- Model : NPA VR-1
- Operating Air Pressure : 0.4-0.8MPa (Approx. 4-8kgf/cm2
- c/w Accesories : Hose Joint Suction Rubber Dia 45, 35 , 30 , 20mm
- c/w Accesories : Adapter Pipe No 1 and 4
- Outside Diameter : 225X80mm
- Weight : 1600g
For quotation please call our marketing.
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