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454003 Oil Pump Samoa Package For 200L Drum

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01 / 07 / 2022
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Detail 454003 Oil Pump Samoa Package For 200L Drum

454003 Oil Pump Samoa Package for 200L drum.

Packages with high speed air operated low pressure transfer pump. The pumps is designed to fit the 2" bung opening hole on 50 and 205Litre oil drums or to be mounted on a lid for oven drums.

This pump can easily be transferred from one drumto another. And adjustable adaptor fits any drum or drum cover at a 2" BSP bung opening. An air valve or an optional pressure regulator allows the user to adjust the lubricant flow rate.

Speciffication :
- Model Name : Samoa Oil Pump Package for 200Litre Drum
- Model Number : 454 003
- Oil Pump 1:1 Transfer Package
- Oil Hose : 1/2" X 3 Meter.
- Oil Control Gun (Non digital)
- Capacity : 15Liter/Min
- Application : Oil Drum 200Litre
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